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Booths and Signage

At Life’s A Beach, we realize that we exist in a culture where our guests and audience are inundated with a variety of distractions, technological and otherwise,
and the need to get the guests’ attention and entertain them, at every point, in the amusement industry is vital. It is for this reason that Life’s A Beach and its team of creative consultants work with our host venue and its staff to insure that revenue is maximized - by providing the guest with services and products in a fun, entertaining and themed atmosphere.

At Life’s A Beach even the most mundane and seemingly unimportant element of a project is important. It is our goal that the guests will be entertained by every aspect of our operations--including the booth and the signage. Colors, materials, fixtures, accessories, every single detail is taken into consideration. .

After our creative consultants and host venue agree on the theme, our in-house team of graphic artists, printers and builders work together to see that the idea is brought to life. Our amazingly talented in house artists and carpenters insure that the vision developed and agreed upon by our host venue and creative team is realized.



Where would you go to see a palm tree and thatched roof tiki hut?

To a Life’s A Beach concession or retail location of course. We believe that by providing a booth that is fun and amusing, the guests are more likely to stop and explore the product and services being offered.

Each booth is custom designed and styled so that it “fits” with the theme of a particular area and the products and services offered at that specific location.




Equally as important as the booth itself is the custom signage used to complete each location.
Every single sign is custom designed, colorful and eye catching. We work very hard to ensure that each location conveys exactly what we are trying to get across to the guest. Our signs are professionally constructed and have gone through numerous revisions, so that are perfect by the time the are placed out for display.


Whether it is the material used, the style of the sign, the letters or colors chosen, each sign will complement the booth and services offered.



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